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Reference Interconnects, & Reference Speaker Cable (Speaker Wire)
for your Hi Fi Audio and Home Theater system.

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Reference Interconnects
We recommend Our
Yellow Label
for connections to your power amps and sub
(Jumper available for
NAD C372 amp....

We recommend our
White Label

for all other connections
including digital applications

We recommend our
Truly Balanced XLR/XLR
for all balanced XLR/XLR interconnections.

Reference Speaker Cable

We recommend our
Gold Label Reference Speaker Cable system
for connections to your speakers

TMC Speaker Jumpers

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!


Due to family illness, I need to return to Hong Kong to look after my mum.

During 2012, I have decided to take TMC off-line temporarily.

Customers, old and new, are welcome to keep in touch,

and I will answer their emails promptly,

and will let you all know when we re-open again in the near future.

(And now, I am glad to inform, due to popular requests, I am re-opening TMC at in July/August 2014)
with eBay User name:

Thankyou for all the supports over the years, and your understanding for the moment.

Enjoy the music with TMC!!


Our name says it all:   TMC = the-music-cable = Truly Musical cable

Our company is new (we just turned 14 years old), but our passion and obsession with music is not.

We are a small company, and will remain so, as we have no intention of going into the mass market.

Our cables are designed to carry your music signal while preserving the signal integrity, hence the musical quality. Unlike most other commercial Hi Fi cables that are designed for the "market", our cables are designed for our musical enjoyments which we would like to share with you.

There is no "Entry level", then up-grade, then further up-grade with our cable system.

We offer only the best reference cables for your modern day Hi Fi, Home Audio, and theater system  applications.

TMC Truly balanced XLR/XLR interconnects

TMC Gold Label Reference Speaker Cable

We believe and understand that our ears are very sensitive to and very easily fatigued by musical distortions due to "skin-effects",  and distortions due to "intermodulation".

We eliminate these distortions by sound fundamental cable designs, instead of coming up with new snake oils (new models, new break name it) from time to time.

With solid copper shielding, our cables also offer the best shielding from nowadays intensifying storms of EMI and RFI interferences. This has become especially a more and more important consideration for systems in the densely populated busy cities.

By design, we offer one of the best (if not the best) Hi Fi cable system for modern day use.

With our cables in your system, noises that you don't even notice before, together with some of the distortions that you used to blame your amps or your speakers for, will be gone.

As much as we want to share distortions free music
with you from your system, at the same time we promise that there will be  No gimmicks, no consumer psychology... here in this site to color your judgment and choice of cables for your system - for we refuse to engage (employ!) professionals to write reviews for our cables, not even in the name of sales!!

Instead we choose, from our day one, to rely only on feedbacks from our paying customers to promote and improve our products.

Patiently, we have built up a good archive of testimonials and reviews over the years.

We hope you will find these testimonials and reviews interesting and helpful as one of our customers put it"Its really refreshing to have people talking about the quality of the music rather than the technical aspects of the sound.."

More importantly, together with our 45 days full money back guarantee, we hope that you will take up our invitation to enjoy our cables?(with music of course!!) in the comfort of your own home and with your own system, and let your own ears and heart be the critics.

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TMC Gold Label with optional Eichmann Bayonet Plugs

TMC gold plated, teflon insulated quality locking RCA plugs
                          < and TMC speaker jumper

Be warned:
the use of our cables to listen to music can be addictive.

And if you do not have the time, please do not switch these cables on as you will be late for your next appointment!!