Reference Interconnects, & Reference Speaker Cable (Speaker Wire)
for your Hi Fi Audio and Home Theater system.

The Best cables rated by end users!!


30% to 50% off factory direct prices

Time flies when you are having good music from your system!!
It has been 6 years now since we sent our first cable to South Korea!!
then to France...then to U.S.A...Italy...and all over the world!!

As promised 6 years ago, we offer only the best Hi Fi cable system for modern day use.
There is no entry level...then up-grade...then further up-grades with our cable system.

We still offer only the best.
During these 6 years, we have a lots of repeating customers who want
to wire their entire systems with TMC's after trying a pair or two.
We also have a lots of referrals.
Friends telling friends, who in turn tell more friends about their TMC.

To get over 30% OFF  ALL factory direct prices,
you can purchase direct from our web site,
or email us your order
especially if you have special cable requirements.

To get  50% OFF
just team up with your friends...
order 5 or more pairs
(any TMC cable and any length)
(lengths over 3 meter/pair count as 2 pairs)
Email us your order
and we will quote you the 50% discount for the purchase.

Our 50% discount prices do not apply to countries (or areas) where we have a distributor.
At the moment, we only have distributor in Hong Kong and Turkey.

With 50% discount:
Yellow Label Interconnects @US$90 per meter pair ( 0.5 meter pair = US$64 per pair )
White Label Interconnects @US$80 per meter pair ( 0.5 meter pair = US$57 per pair )
Truly Balanced XLR/XLR @US$160 per meter pair ( 0.5 meter pair = US$114 per pair )

Gold Label Reference Speaker cable @US$75 per meter pair (single wire)
Gold Label Reference Speaker Cable @US$150 per meter pair (Truly External
Bi Wire Set)

Shipping and handling charges:

Flat rate S&H of US$20 per International shipment (shipment outside of Hong Kong).

Orders of US$450 and over
will be sent by Express Post; which takes 3-5 working days to reach most cities from here with tracking number.

Orders of less than US$450 will be sent by Insured Air Mail; which takes 7-10 working days to reach most cities from here.
This service offers no tracking number; but a signature is needed for delivery.


2) Flat rate S&H of US$5 per local shipment within Hong Kong.


*Note: Special discount does not apply to Auction items & accessories.






TMC = the-music-cable = truly musical cables

these are wonderfully effortless and superbly neutral and natural cables; with full bodied real soundstage of great depth and extension and dead quiet background.

music is with feelings and liveliness, and excellent separation of instruments, and ambience.

very lively and engaging... no fatigue after listening to everything under the sun for hours!!

if you love your music,
you got to give these cables a try!!

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have
further questions, or further requirements.