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Reference Interconnects, & Reference Speaker Cable (Speaker Wire)
for your Hi Fi Audio and Home Theater system.

7th Anniversary Sales  (Please click here for details)

Reference Interconnects
We recommend Our
Yellow Label
for connections to your power amps and sub
(Jumper available for
NAD C372 amp....

We recommend our
White Label

for all other connections
including digital applications

We recommend our
Truly Balanced XLR/XLR
for all balanced interconnections.

Reference Speaker Cable

We recommend our
Gold Label Reference Speaker Cable system
for connections to your speakers

TMC Speaker Jumpers






We believe with the modern day huge increase in the use of telecommunications and electronic equipments, we need the best shielding to protect our music signals from these intensifying storms of EMI and RFI interferences. Older designs of Hi Fi cable shielding method may fast become inadequate in providing the kind of protection needed nowadays, especially in the densely populated busy cities. 

We need the best shielding than ever before, for all our interconnects and speaker cables.

Solid copper shielding offers the best EMI and RFI shielding. Precision made locking type plug offers the best grounding - together these designs protect the music from outside interferences and provide a solid "ground" for the music to dance on (instead of a "ground" that dances along with the music which spells distortions to your music and your ears!!).

We also believe and understand that our ears are very sensitive to and very easily fatigued by musical distortions due to "skin-effects",  and distortions due to "intermodulation".

We eliminate these distortions by sound fundamental cable designs, instead of coming up with new snake oils (new models, new break throughs...you name it) from time to time.

To eliminate musical distortion due to "skin-effects":

TMC Cables use a single thin copper tubing riding on an aluminum rod as the center conductor.

The aluminum is used mainly as a support, and is relatively non-conductive to the musical signal in this application.

This design forces most, if not all, of the music signal to flow along the thin layer of copper tubing, thereby eliminates distortion due to "skin-effects" to your music signal.

To eliminate distortions due to "intermodulation":

TMC  Cables use a corrugated solid copper tubing (not mesh) as the outer conductor.

The outer conductor is bonded to the center conductor by quality foam-air dielectric to eliminate relative movements between conductors.

And no part of the conductor is exposed (except for soldering for termination) for degradation by oxidation.

These designs eliminate musical distortions due to intermodulation and degradation by oxidation associated with mesh shielding.

With this "Concentric twin- tubes conductors design", TMC offers one of the best (if not the best) Hi Fi cable system for modern day use.

Noises that you don't even notice before, together with distortions that you used to blame your amp or your speaker for, will be gone.

Please go to our products pages for details. You will find these cables very quiet, very precise, very neutral, with extremely detailed and real sound stage.

With our 45-days full money back guarantee, we invite you to experience the joy of using our cables in the comfort of your own home and with your own system. And let your ears and hearts be the critics.

Please also note that our cables are considered a bit "stiff" compared to most other commercial Hi Fi cables. Please click here for details and facts about handling and installation of "stiff" Hi Fi cables.  

Our cables put the life back into the music. 

They impart no listening fatigue, that is why we say this from our own experience....... 

 ďIf you donít have the time, donít switch these cables on , or you will be late for your next appointment.Ē 

Please see what our customers say about our cables....
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Warning: the use of our cables to listen to music can be addictive.


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